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The Results Are In

Your Peak Performace Superpower is

I know there’s much more to you than those nine quiz questions, but here is what I do know.

You are infinitely curious.

You have the unique capacity to give attention to not just the things you know, but the things you don't know, too. You can  figure it out, whatever ‘it’ is. You Google, research, read, and consult until you understand what's needed and how to get it done. This curiosity allows you to spring into action when something new for your organization needs to be tackled. You will learn as much as you can in order to figure it out. Individuals who possess this superpower tend to also showcase  intelligence and creative problem-solving. When it’s paired with humility, it makes you great to work with. You want to know all you can so that you don't let others down.

What's not to appreciate about that?

Just like our beloved superheroes,
our superpowers have a shadow side.

While your stress superpower can help you through small bursts of stress, your shadow side is likely to show up in prolonged high-pressure situations. This puts your cuirosity superpower into overdrive. 

When this happens your curiosity may show up as a need to collect information continuously, feeling as though you never have enough.. You may find that as you gather as much information as possible your creativity and your joy of learning evaporates. Suddenly, rather than propelling you toward your goal, that continual quest for information becomes a cyclical roadblock.

We all recognize that there are times when we should gather as much information as we can. However, it’s not always needed. In fact, an incessant need to gather information can make it hard to ever find a sense of fulfillment or success. 

When curiosity amplifies into information collection and the volume isn’t regularly turned down, the demands for continual  information input can be difficult on those around you and more importantly, it can take a huge toll on you.

And here’s the kicker: the tendency to over-collect information often reveals itself to be an overactive inner critic.

That's right, your curiosity might be cloaking thought that you are not good enough, skilled enough or educated enough to do the thing you are doing. .  As stress grows  your inner, your greatest qualities are overshadowed and your superpower sparkle is dimmed. 

Instead of thriving with curiosity and problem-solving, you succumb to a spiral of feeling like you never hold enough information to be successful.

Despite this, remember that your curiosity is a superpower.   It keeps you creative problem-solving mode.  It motivates and encourages you.  However, information gathering can lead you down a path of all-or-nothing thinking, unrealistic standards, and highly critical thoughts about yourself and others.  It’s worth looking into and keeping in check.

Check your email for strategies for
re-balancing your

"A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention."

- Herbert Simon

I'll add the following as a video.

Hello, friend! I’m Linda Rhoads 

I’m a purpose and leadership coach who helps people to live a life free of imposter syndrome, or The Imposter, as I call it.

After living with high-octane imposter syndrome for many years I made a choice to figure out how to step away from the imposter and recrafted my life. While on the outside it looks very similar to what is was before, on the inside I've transformed. I no longer have a symphony  of criticism playing on my mind nor do I use fear to motivate me to do or be my best.  I just am.

In 2019 I made another choice about the imposter and decided to share what I learned on my  journey, and started coaching others to calm their overactive inner critics and step away from imposter syndrome.

Supporting people through this dynamic process of transformation and growth as they redefine their own sense of worth and value is more rewarding than I can put into words.

I look forward to connecting with you!  Be sure to check your inbox for information about your inner critic, what it means to you and how to work toward quieting it - and all sorts of transformational tips, too!

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