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Other Coaching Packages

1:1 Sessions Designed for dynamic growth and transformation

Tackle Packages

Good things come in small packages.  These small packages are designed to tackle specific challenges

All Your Best

Learn more about  the good you hold within and how you can use it in your day-to-day life. Typically 3 initial sessions and 1 follow-up to review and fine-tune.  As a note, this is a module in all programs. 

Your Body's Compass

Get to know and learn to trust  the signals your body sends you about what's best to embrace and what's best to let go of in your life.  Typically 4 sessions, with one follow-up.  

Job Crafting

Job Crafting is for those who would like more satisfaction and fulfillment from their work.  This 7 part series helps you define the things that bring meaning and gratification to your work.  The program takes a multi-dimensional look at aspects of our work lives, gauging our current experiences against our expectations and allowing us to formulate stategies for bringing alignment to our expectations and expereiences.

Curious about a Program?  Let's talk.   It's a no cost, no pressure way to think about what your future could be.
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