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Spring Retreat 2021:
The Soul's Renewal
Program Facilitators, Guides and Coaches

Julia Fehrenbacher

Is a poet, an author, a Wayfinder life coach, a teacher, a regular practicer of yoga, and a sometimes-painter.

 Most at home by the ocean and in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, and with pen and paintbrush in hand. She is wife to a great guy, and a mom to two beautiful, hard-to-figure-out teenage girls. 


Since she was young, Julia has had a deep longing to be entirely who she is - not who she (or the world) thinks she should be.  A longing to find her own crooked, untamed, winding path - regardless of how bumpy, dark, off the beaten path, unpopular and dead-end-ish it sometimes felt. 


As a woman who intimately knows what it means to get stuck and to suffer in search of this sometimes-hidden path to purpose, she has  forever been passionate about encouraging and supporting others as they discover (or rediscover) their own wild longings, and wind their way back to their knowing hearts. 


Whether through her writing,  classes, or one-on-one coaching, she supports people in in dissolving the barriers we build within ourselves, and back toward our truest, most awake and alive heart-centered home.  You can find Julia at


Tese Mascari

is an artist, mom and life coach for women. Many of her clients are moms whose kids struggle, a place she has been, and from which she learned and evolved.

 Her clients are women who are ready to transform some aspect of their life. They find themselves seeking change, or change has been thrust upon them. The common theme is they have lost touch with who they are, what they want, and where they wish to go because they've been tending to other people's needs.


As a mindfulness & somatic life coach she supports her client’s inner transformation by listening, reflecting back, and inviting them to explore just a little bit deeper, or from a different perspective. She shows up with compassion and curiosity for them, so that they may show up for themselves more fully present and connected to their inner resources - and in turn for those they love.


Creativity played a significant role in her own soulful evolution, and she invites her clients to explore through creativity (if they’re inclined) their own inner landscape. It’s a delightful process of getting to know and understand one’s self and it invites transformation from within.


You can find Tese at


Daniela Kosmalski  

is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) in Santa Cruz, California, who demonstrates to her students that yoga is not just asanas, it’s an attitude.

Yoga found Dani in her home country of Brazil back in 1996. At the time, Daniela was seeking out a more balanced mindset and lifestyle, and before long yoga wasn’t just part of her more balanced lifestyle, it was her lifestyle. 


After moving to the US in 2006, Dani sought to embody that lifestyle to her American students, emphasizing a balanced life and balanced self. Students become enamored with Dani’s hypnotic voice, her aura that radiates kindness, and the judgment-free atmosphere of her classes. Her teaching truly demonstrates that yoga is more than just the physical work.


Dani personally practises Ashtanga Yoga, and has visited India several times to study with her guru, Sharath Jois, holder of the Ashtanga lineage. The principles of Ashtanga Yoga suffuse every class she teaches, from Vinyasa to Meditation. The sequencing, breath work, and philosophy serves as a comforting motif for students wanting to sample the full breadth of Dani’s offerings. Dani’s personal evolution with yoga continues, and she plans to return to India to study further. One day.


With yoga classes staying virtual for the near future, even online, Dani is committed to sharing her warmth and knowledge with students everywhere. Her goal is still to model the full depth and attitude of yoga, helping students maintain happier, healthier selves, until the day comes they can all safely practise in person again.

Summer Gwen (2).jpg

Gwen Mayes 

is a health consultant, lawyer, professional speaker, and inspirational writer who tossed her black power suits after nearly three decades working in

Washington, DC, to launch a consulting business, GwenCo Health, in 2019 and Anchor to Self as a Personal Development Life Coach to help others find their passion utilizing their own self-compassion and personal growth. 

Gwen’s greatest passion is serving as a guide, mentor, and creative force for others. Among other things, Gwen combines a lifetime career in healthcare and government affairs working for the Surgeon General, National Patient Advocate Foundation, and Bayer Pharmaceuticals to serve as a Patient Story Coach preparing patients to tell their story to regulators and thought leaders who shape public policy. Her work as a Personal Development Life Coach builds upon similar beliefs that our personal growth comes from knowing the power the stories we tell ourselves will have to co-create our lives.

Gwen has been a freelance health and wellness writer since 2000, and manages a writer’s group, Words on Water, with 600+ writers who live or near the water. As a patient advocate living with a rare heart condition, she uses her training as a Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach, to help individuals living with chronic illness maintain emotional wellbeing.  

Gwen resides in a bungalow in Annapolis, MD.  She enjoys sailing on the Chesapeake Bay, is a student of Carl Jung, a novice artist, a Deacon at the First Presbyterian Church, and a volunteer docent at the Annapolis Maritime Museum and Park.  She has a Masters in Medical Science from Emory University and a law degree from University of Maryland. 

You can find Gwen at


Linda Rhoads

Linda Rhoads is the Soul Spot coach.  She is a Wayfinder trained coach focusing on purpose and empowerment.  For Linda coaching is a natural extension of a long career as an executive advisor in higher ed. After working with exceptional leaders on bringing their vision to life and solving tough challenges, Linda wanted to apply her skills on a more personal level.


Driven by the core belief that everyone holds a spark of the extraordinary within themselves Soul Spot Coaching is a reflection  of Linda’s fascination with the human experience. 

She  focuses on first building a partnership with each client based on trust, warmth and humour.  As a Wayfinder trained coach, Linda blends time-tested practices with scientific research to help clients unlock their deepest values and connect with  their true nature. Linda’s coaching aims to guide the client to identify and support their unique purpose as it evolves over time. Having struggled at times with finding her own purpose, Linda approaches this process with openness and empathy that reflects the client’s values. 


Linda is passionate about collaboration, with her clients, with other coaches, always aiming to build a sense of walking arm-in-arm together rather than pulling or pushing. It is no coincidence that clients describe their work with Linda in terms of a journey.

Through collaboration, Linda aims to build not just a bridge toward purpose, but a solid foundation for clients to live their purpose deeply. That foundation is the Soul Spot.

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