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Strengths discovery program

Character strengths, we all have them, sometimes they’re quiet but they are never-the-less present.  And here's a little know(but well researched fact, when we lean-in to our strengths, we grow stronger.  Think of recognizing, and using your strengths as a deep form of self-care.



Our strengths have the power and support achievement, promote healthy personal and professional relationships, and allow us to flourish. The Values in Action (VIA) survey identifies 24 universal character strengths that reflect our personal identity, produce positive outcomes for ourselves and others and contribute to the collective good (VIA Institute on Character). Developed through the study of literature, human dynamics, psychology and theology, across cultures, the VIA strengths create a common, universally understood language to describe the best of human behavior.  Humor, kindness, gratitude, self-regulation and curiosity are examples of the strength classifications.  The survey has been administered to over 5 million people throughout the world.


The Strengths Program includes the VIA survey* and three one-on-one sessions Linda Rhoads, the Soul Spot coach. 

I've used many different assessment tools in my work with teams and individuals. Leadership assessments, styles inventories, conflict resolution tools, personality assessments, there are a lot of tools out there! Some tell us about how we perceive the world, others how we operate in the world, or get things done, but the VIA  seamlessly carries through the different domains of our lives, health/wellness, career, relationships, or finances. It allows us to focus on the inherent good in us, to identify the positive traits that are universally valued that are a integral part of us.  A focus on our strengths naturally elevates our thinking, creates more supportive concepts of ourselves and of the world around us. It opens the doors to fulfillment, gratitude, and happiness and supports goal setting and attainment. Whether in our professional or personal lives I believe that tapping into our character strengths can support us through our most difficult challenges to help us develop greater resiliency.


The Strengths Discovery package includes assessment results, a summary report, customized activities and 3 one-on-one coaching sessions.  If you'd like to talk with me about the program, send me a note ( and we'll connect or you can simply: 



Cost $250, OR $200 for subscribers.

(To receive the discount, simply subscribe here.  I promise, no spammy mail, just news on offerings, and discounts.)


*The VIA survey can be taken for free at  This service includes an easily understood overview of your character strengths.

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