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Tackle Packages

Good things come in small packages and these small packages are designed to tackle challenges and create a foundation for positive change.


Designed as stand-alone offerings, they are the basis of The Soul Spot's premier programs.  If you're thinking about  signing up for either the Step AWAY from the Imposter or Step UP Leadership programs, but you're not quite sure, consider booking a tackle package. 


Sign up for either the Step AWAY or Step UP program before your tackle finishes and the cost of the tackle package will be applied to the program.

The Essential You

Did you ever get the sense that something was going to be really good (or the opposite)?  Maybe it was a feeling in your gut, but your mind kept giving you a different message? You were probably sensing what some call your essential self (or your "Hell Yes!" or "Oh NO!") trying to communicate with you.

This program is focused on getting to know and trusting the essential self and the signals your body sends you about what's best to embrace, and what's best to let go of in your life while learning to question your thoughts.

When you tap into this part of yourself  you begin to unlock potential and possibility.  Typically 3 sessions, with one follow-up, we spend time using tested methods for becoming familiar with what your body is telling you, putting your new knowledge into practice right away!

This is part of the second module of the Step AWAY Imposter Program.

Program Cost:  $799

Time Investment: 4 coaching sessions.  Additional exercises are available to keep your momentum going.

Your thoughts are more than just a voice in your head they  control your perception of our strengths and talents. They are the foundation of most of what you do including  and the choices we make. 


You might be like most of us and believe your thoughts to be true, logical, and right. But when you actually learn to deconstruct your thoughts, you may find that they are not all the truth. (Gasp!)

If you find yourself questioning why you didn't take that great opportunity, or why you are on the brink of complete collapse from overwork it might be time to take a look at your thoughts.

In this package you will learn skills for thinking about yourself differently, in a healthyier and more balanced way.  We will practice catching and  deconstructing your thoughts and learn use them to create greater confidence in your work,  and life by breaking free from this cycle of undermining yourself

This is a 4 week package with an additional follow-up.  We'll spend time together deconstructing thoughts using different tools.  You'll start using your new skills immediately and be supported as you work through some long standing beliefs that may no longer be supporting you.

Program Costs:  $999

Time investment 5 coaching session.  

(Re)Discover Your BEST

Re-acquaint yourself with the best in you.  We all have a common set of character strengths that we use differently and coupled with our values and our intrinsic style, it's a large part of what makes us who we are.


I consider them to be our inner power-players. When we recognize and leverage these elements, we can create opportunities to experience our very best self.  This is a three-session program with a follow up, we use assessment tools and follow up exercises to unlock the best in you.


This is part of the first module of the all programs. 

Program Cost $599

Time Investment: Three coaching sessions every other week.  Additional supporting materials are available to keep up your momentum.

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