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Spring Retreat 2021:
The Soul's Renewal

Join us in celebrating Spring.  A time of clearing and renewal.  Give yourself the gift of time to  create a vision of your future.  

Reflect, Explore and Vision with us on Saturday 3/20, 3/27 and 4/3.  11:00 - 1:30 (pt)
Sign-up available for single workshop days.

You were so confident a year ago...

time to get it back.

The pandemic placed boundaries between us while also tearing them down. No going outside, and now all your work meetings are virtual. No visiting friends, and the kids are “attending” school at the dining table. Dimensions of life collapsed on each other, and it was impossible to know where to focus your energy or how. The relentless matrix of demands have nibbled away at your sense of yourself. Who even are you now?

Take back space for yourself.

You’re still in there, stronger and better than ever. You just need to get back in touch with you. The Soul’s Renewal retreat is a 3-day workshop about making space for you and getting in touch with yourself. Guided by experts and collaborating with this community, you will move, meditate, journal, and talk to your inner self. Through creative exercises and expert assessment tools, you will rediscover how to make space for yourself, and see how you’ve grown and evolved in ways you didn’t even imagine.

Rebuilding your boundaries through rediscovery.

The Soul's Renewal touches on every aspect of you, mentally and physically. From purely cerebral journaling and discussion, to connecting the inside to the outside through drawing, to moving meditation and yoga. Feel out your actual boundaries to discover the potential inside them.

A chance to focus on you.

In between workshop days, you will have a chance to have one-on-one sessions with the Soul's Renewal facilitators. These compassionate, confidential discussions will touch on your biggest challenges, and guide you toward your greatest strengths. After being inside so long, you need to get out of your own head, and see yourself through someone else’s eyes. The VIA Strengths Inventory will remind you of all the best parts of your old self, and show you strengths you didn’t even know you’ve developed over the past challenging year.

Reset your boundaries, reset it all.

It bears reminding, creating space for yourself impacts your life.  You become more effective, more compassionate and available to those closest to you. Summed up so well (as usual) by Brene Brown, “Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously.”  Learn to set compassionate boundaries, and that compassion will ripple out through your family, your friends, and your colleagues.

Sign up to come out of your long hibernation.

Come join our facilitators and other [attendees] from your homes as we come out of what feels like the longest winter, and emerge into spring reset, revitalized, and reacquainted with our most powerful selves.

Spring Retreat 2021:
The Soul's Renewal Facilitators
Click Here for more information about our facilitation team
Tese Mascari
Facilitator, Coach, Meditation Guide & Artist
Julia Fehrenbacher
Facilitator, Coach & Writer
Daniela Kosmalski
Yoga Instructor & Meditation Guide
Linda Rhoads
Soul Spot Host, Facilitator and Coach
Summer Gwen (2).jpg
Gwen Mayes
Facilitator, Coach, & Writer 
Spring Retreat 2021:
Registration and Pricing
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