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Hi!  I'm Linda Rhoads, a leadership and purpose coach, and the creator of The Soul Spot.

You might have found your way here because you're

  • At a crossroads, sensing a void or searching for clarity in your life or work.


  • Feeling out of place at work or in aspects of your life,


  • Stuck clearly defining or reaching your goals.


  • Meeting the definitions of success but you are unable to acknowledge your achievements, or it just doesn’t fit anymore.

Good news!  You've come to the right place. 

Welcome to The Soul Spot


"You are built not to shrink down to less but to

blossom into more." - Oprah Winfrey

Are you thinking about working with a coach? Coaching is an investment in you. It is a solid  step on your path.  It doesn't matter if it's your first step or your seventeenth, you are right where you are meant to be. When you work with an experienced coach you can create transformation that sticks. Find out more about my experience and training on the Meet Linda page and about coaching programs here.

I offer coaching packages through my You, Rediscovered program that support people who  want to rid themselves of an overactive inner critic and experience a newfound sense of self-assurance, fulfillment and connection.  I also support those who want to envision and create their leadership path. Programs are designed to help you see the best in you and build the confidence to connect with who you are meant to be.







Not quite ready for coaching? Check out The Soul Spot workshops.  It's a way  to access simple but effective tools for gaining clarity and confidence and bringing out the best in you.  Plus you get to meet others interested in the same thing.  I would love to see you there!

The place where your values, strengths, and purpose merge is your Soul Spot. 

When you discover this place, you have greater clarity about your direction and the confidence to take the steps on  your path.

Stay posted about upcoming workshops and events by subscribing to The Soul Spot Newsletter.

To learn more about coaching book a discovery session below.  Think of it like having a coffee with someone new.  It’s an opportunity for us to meet and to see if coaching is for you.

Booking Shortcuts

Discovery Session


Free to new clients, Discovery Sessions provide an opportunity to learn about the process, get a sense of  Linda's  philosophy and style.

Coaching Session


Individual Coaching Sessions are at the heart of The SoulSpot practice.  Sessions are client guided, grounded in the here and now while crafting your future.

Coaches Spot



These sessions are reserved for coaching mastermind sessions.Please be in contact before booking.

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You will be redirected to the Acuity scheduling page.  Follow links to return to our site. Follow this link for an overview of  the booking process.

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