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Hi!  I'm Linda. Knowing a little bit about me might help you decide if you'd like to work with me.

I have a passion for supporting people through change, growth and development. I spent most of my career leading different teams and supporting people find their own professional path. I started coaching as a sideline in 2019  and quickly decided to make it my full-time career.

I've always been  purpose-driven  and for many years my purpose was to support access to Higher Education. Early on I knew I needed to feel my purpose was connected with the larger mission.


My career took a winding path. Fueled by curiosity and purpose and unfortunately also by high octane imposter syndrome.  For years every step I took was based on a fear of needing to prove my worth. Looking back, it was a pretty amazing career, but I regret not being able to recognize my successes while they were happening.

After having rid myself of the impostor thoughts I was able to recognize that I had played a part in a transformation. I was also certain that  my passion had run its course. And with the imposter gone, I had the courage to make a move.


The thing about purpose is that it shifts and changes. It burns brightly until it no longer does. If you are purpose driven, the key is to finding the matches and lighting a new flame.  For me, my passion is now supporting people to access the best within themselves in order to gain clarity about their options and the confidence in their ability to find their own brand of a successful life.

All through my career I informally coached those I worked with and was a confidant to many friends over the years. Coaching is just a  part of who I am. I help people connect the dots in different ways, provide space where people can speak their truth, feel encouraged, deeply heard, challenged, supported and able to see their possibilities.

In 2019 I enrolled in Martha Beck's  Wayfinder Coach Training, where I learned fantastic tools from this best-selling self-help guru and her amazing team.  In 2020 I started to develop my coaching business  and I realized that for me, certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), was important.  After searching for a program where I felt I could continue to learn and grow, I enrolled in Whole Person Coaching, developed by Feroshia Knight,  an excellent teacher and a superb coach.


Both programs were incredible.  One with more focus on eastern and indigenous tools, the other steeped in neuroscience.  For me the intersection of the philosophies is clear, and they create the foundation for my own coaching practice where I  help people banish The Impostor within.

So now you know a little about me.  If you'd like to ask anything, just send me a note, or book a discovery session.


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