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welcoming the New Year

The New Year is seen as a time for reflection and creating our future, but it's possible (and good) for us to engage in a little reflection and course correction throughout the year.

The transition between the old and new year creates a natural time for us to reflect. The past few years offered us many opportunities to figure out what matters to us.  But it was easy to get caught up in the tidal wave of messages we experience.

To help you sort through all that we received, we offer some simple prompts to help you find the authentic pieces of you to bring into the new year.

The prompts and activities are grouped into reflect - explore - vision activities.  Hope you enjoy them.


Take time to reflect on the past year (or months, or even several years).  What insights have you gained about yourself?  What discoveries did you make?  What strengths did you find within yourself, and those around you? In what ways did you support yourself?  Your friends, family, community or colleagues?  What unexpected gratitude did you discover?


Start to explore the things that emerged as part of your reflection. What will you do more of?  How will you make that happen?  How will you integrate more play  in your life?  Be it music, board games, reading, dancing, etc., whatever you find fun.  (It is actually really important to make time for it.)  What are the strengths you developed in the past year?  How can they help you in the future?  How will you remember to call on them?  What else comes up?  What have you wanted to try out or want to do more of in the future?  Make a list and check it twice.  Bring the things that really make your heart beat faster to the top of the list.


Visioning can be transformative, but it can also be hard to do if it's new to you.  Start by taking an element from your reflect exercise that you carried over into your exploration.  Use it in your visioning exercise, by imagining it in the most perfect scenario, right down to the smallest details.   

For example, maybe you've been doing day trips in nature, and you want to do more nature-based travel.

Imagine the perfect trip. Envision yourself planning (if you like to plan, if you don't, then imagine the perfect trip has been planned for you!) Take the perfect journey in your mind.  There are no hiccups, no snafus (unless you like the challenge of them). You are with the perfect companion(s), or alone.  Imagine the trip in detail from the moment you leave your home until you return.  After you have created the vision.

Making it Real

Replay the vision you created (I often write it down) but this time imagine what is happening in as you wake. Allow yourself to feel the experience.  Make note of those feelings. Practice this with other elements of your envisioned trip you would like to carry forward or bring into being in your future. Make note of the feelings.

Making it Happen

Create a plan for your trip.  As you run into sticking points, or places where you're losing your energy, pause.  Remeber the feelings you generated when you were "making it real".  Allow them to be the beacon that draws you forward.

If you get stuck at any phase connecting with Linda, our coach.  You can send a message to  or book a discovery session (it's free)  to work through any of these exercises with her.

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