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Like to find out more about a program?

Here's How to Reach Me:
email coaching@soulspot or
Phone 408-357-4662 
or Book a Consult
, it's free!

Feeling hesitant about reaching out?

I get it.  You don't know me, it's natural to be a little cautious, especially if you were looking into the  You, Rediscovered program.  Our inner critics don't like change!


Here's what I can share about myself: 

  • I believe I will be able to answer your questions. I know I will definitely try my best!

  • I am very easy to talk to. 

  • I do not believe in high-pressure sales.  Really, I don't like it for me or for you.

  • Nor do I believe in selling you a program that is not right for you. 

  • I do believe that we all have the power within us to live remarkably satisfying lives and your definition is as unique as you are.

So whether you are considering taking control of your work-life balance or finally walking away from your inner critic, with the You, Rediscovered program, learning more about the program is a great first step. So let's talk.  The consult is a free, no-obligation way to learn more about where you'd like to be and what stands in your way.

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