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Thriving@Work Program

Take control of your work life & find the
fulfillment & satisfaction you deserve!

We both know feeling stressed and struggling through your workday is a path to burnout.  

Perhaps You've

  • Been thinking about making a career shift for a while now, but you're not sure it's the best decision.

  • Had great hopes for your career and still do, but you are simply not fulfilled.

Woman looking stressed at work
Woman looking overwheled at computer
  • Considered quiet quitting, but it's just not your style.

  • ​Started feeling worn out by the daily grind, and want more energy to enjoy life.

You spend a lot of time at work.  Shouldn't it feel better than this?

Yes!  And you can, when you give attention to the things that allow you to thrive.

Imagine how you would feel if you:

Woman looking happy and satisfied at work.
  • Ended most workdays with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.


  • Showed up confidently believing in the value you bring and knowing what you need.

  • Created an environment where others can also thrive.


  • Were able to assess if other opportunities are actually better or just an escape hatch.

  • Had clarity about whether you should stay or go.

Can you feel the burden of another under or overwhelming day fading away?

Research has shown that when you look at what you need in specific aspects of your work life you have a running start toward kicking burnout to the curb.

Start making your work, work for you.

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Start Thriving @ Work

"The Thriving@Work Program gave me the tools to discover what I need to be excited and engaged in my work. . . I haven't felt this much energy at work in a long time!" - Stephanie G.

This program gives you the  confidence to shift from languishing to thriving.  With tools you can use throughout your career, you can take concrete actionable steps. You'll learn about the things that make a difference in your work satisfaction, identify your needs, and create a plan of action to reclaim your job satisfaction and work life balance.

Giving you clarity in all you bring to the job, and the confidence to negotiate for what you need.

It's your Turn to Take Charge.

It's easy to fantasize about the things that should change around you. Figuring out where to start?  That’s a different story. 


Here's the good news:  The ability to be in the driver's seat of your work satisfaction

is completely possible.

I've taken the guesswork out of the process but studying the elements of healthy work engagement, and curating a set of tools that work in today's workplace.

  • You’ll see yourself differently by understanding what fuels your best self, on and off the job, and

  • See those around you in a new light and welcome connection.


  • You’ll create a sense of calm and self-assurance, while

  • discovering your natural way of doing things at work and at home.

  • You'll have the tools to understand answer the questions "Is it me, or my job?" and create a plan,

  • and feel better equipped to take action.

You'll be able to Start Thriving@Work!

“I was experiencing a downward spiral in my engagement at work. Through my work with Linda, I was able to understand in concrete terms what I need to experience job satisfaction.  Plus she helped me build the confidence to ask for what I need.” 

~Natasha W.

You may have tried to boost your work satisfaction by reading posts or books about time management, creating boundaries or prioritization.
And yet, here you are, and the on-the-job blah feeling remains.
Inspiration and management theory are great, but
it’s hard to tackle issues that are important to us on our own

You might even be waiting for your boss to notice your dissatisfaction.
While most leaders know that employee engagement and work satisfaction benefits the bottom line,  they aren’t clear about the drivers of satisfaction on the job.

 This is familiar to so many. But you can take control and

make your work, work for you.

You are not alone in these feelings. Some polls suggest up to 50% of the workforce is on a path to burnout, consider quiet quitting or are actively looking for something new.

Coach Linda Rhoads
It happens at every organizational level and it's something I experienced in my career, too.   That's why I created the Thriving@Work Program. I combine my own experience taking charge of how I felt about my job with tools proven to lead to greater job satisfaction. 
A lot can happen when you take your satisfaction in your own hands. Identifying the things that allow you to thrive, and create a plan to put them in place becomes a reality.

Hi, I'm Linda, a purpose and leadership coach for those struggling with overwhelm at work.

Once I  took control of my job satisfaction I was able to  find the fulfilment and success that I imagined for myself.  

Now as a coach my mission is helping folks thrive in what they do.  I watch them gain clarity about all they offer, and create the confidence needed to recognize their success. 

I've studied the tools that are proven to support satisfaction at work, and curated and modified a set so they make sense for today's workplace.  I continue to add elements so that the program hits the mark and helps people to thrive in the workplace.

Not sure this is the program for you?  Set up a free consult call.

And if you are looking for  some quick tips to get you through the week?  Check out The Soul Spot blogs on stress, burnout, work boundaries, etc.  are a great place to start.

Pick Your Path to Greater Satisfaction at Work
Woman Smiling

Regardless of the path, you will unlock your formula for success by understanding what you need to be energized, engaged, and satisfied at work.

Program Options

customized sessions

Work one-on-one to deepen your understanding of what you need and remove the blocks in your way.


Icon one on one coaching

5 sessions/6weeks

You’ll receive:

  • An On-line workbook of activities for each step of the program.

  • Five one-on-one 60-minute coaching sessions to dig into what's causing your dissatisfaction and what you can do about it.

  • Program customized to meet your needs.

  • Support creating an actionable plan

  • A 30-minute check-in even before we begin, and another when we're done to wrap up.

  • 3 assessments with a value of $200!

  • Optional session on toxic work environments.

  • An additional coaching session up to 2 months after the program for support with your plan.  

  • Access to  The Soul Spot workshops during the program and two months after we conclude.

5 Private Sessions, 3 Professional Assessments.

Don't Miss the Intro Price of 

When you enroll, you'll pay $50 to save your spot (it'll be deducted from the from the total cost of the program) and you'll schedule a time for us to meet.  When we talk you'll receive your materials and make payment, ask questions and we'll get to know one another.  Payment plans are available for this program.

If the program's not for you, you'll be refunded your deposit less handling fees.

Independent Path

Take the Program at Your Own Pace.

Icon of a single person


You'll Receive:

  • An On-line workbook of activities for each step of the program.

  • You’ll receive one assessment with this program.

  • Four 30-minute individual coaching sessions to keep you on track. 

As a bonus, for signing up for the independent program, you'll receive:

  • Access to all of The Soul Spot workshops during the program.

At your own pace

4 Private Sessions

Don't Miss the Intro Price of 
Assessments available at an additional cost .
Payment plans are available for this program.  Reach out to learn more.

What To Expect

You’ll receive a workbook with weekly exercises to help you gain more awareness of yourself and what you need in your work-life.  You'll move from generalizations to specifics about what's important to you. Plus, you’ll learn about the gap between what is in place and what you need and figure out how to bridge the gap.  In the group and individual session programs, you'll be supported throughout this process.

"There’s an unspoken expectation that if you're not satisfied with your job you need to snap out of it, or find other work.. But this program gave me another option.  Figure out what I need, create a plan and make it happen."  ~Alex Gregory

Each week you'll have a series of exercises to work through and consider what you've learned.  If you choose the group or individual session programs, when we meet, you'll bring your questions and discoveries forward and start integrating what you're learned into your day-to-day activities.  Group sessions are one hour long, with an additional 15 minutes at the end of each session with the opportunity between sessions for support.

“I was experiencing a downward spiral in my engagement at work. Through my work with Linda, I was able to understand in concrete terms what I need to experience job satisfaction.  Plus she helped me build the confidence to ask for what I need.”  ~Natasha Weebly

Individual sessions allow you to dig into the things that hold you back from achieving the work-life balance you seek and the one-on-one support to take action. With group sessions, you have the opportunity to participate in a supportive community, weekly.  With the Independent program, you'll receive the exercises that allow you to identify what you need, and prompt you to consider how to integrate your discoveries into your day-to-day work.

"People don't talk about having someone in their corner as the secret to making lasting change, but it is." ~ Michelle Coleman

What to Expect

Still on the Fence?

​I get it.  Your time and money is important. Let's connect if you're still  unsure that this is program for you.  Let's connect.  You can book a  30-minute consult call to see if this is the program for you, fill out this form, and we'll connect.
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Investing in yourself is important and you deserve to be as confident in your decision to join me in Thriving@Work, as much as I am.


Take a look at these most frequently asked questions, and if you have more, don’t hesitate to reach out to, or book a discovery session, and we will connect!  ~ Linda


Q. How Long is the Program?

A. The program is 4 to 5 weeks, depending on the program.


​Q. Is there homework between classes?

A. Yes, you’ll have a series of activities every week.  Each activity will take 30-60 minutes depending on your style.  You may find you want to spend even more time on one activity and less on another.  Whatever works for you.  


Q.  That sounds like a lot. 

A.  When you are willing to take the time and create the space in your life to make a change, it happens.  In many ways, you'll be creating this as a temporary priority in your life. When you compare finding more satisfaction with what you’re currently experiencing, you may be able to reconcile the time it takes.


Q. What will we cover during our coaching conversations?

A.  When we first start out we'll work with some tools to increase your awareness of your strengths.  As we're looking at these elements, beliefs that you hold may naturally come up in our conversation.  We'll gently explore those, and you'll get to decide where you want to take our conversations.  I'll provide suggestions and options, but ultimately, you choose where we take or don't take our conversation.

Q.  Is there a process?  Is there structure and flow?

A.  Yes!  This is for your benefit and mine. In the classes we’ll go over the things you discovered  and how you'll integrate them in your day-to-day.

In the Individualized Program I will  regularly check in with you to see if the sessions are meeting your needs. If it's not, I'll offer other options, and you get to choose what you feel would be most beneficial for you.  Think of it this way.  There is a map, but you are in the driver's seat.

Q.  What am I paying for?

A.  A method for creating thriving at work, regardless of where you are working and a skilled guide to help you find your path forward.

Q. Why do I need a coach?  Why can't I just go to HR or the internet?

A.  Coaches are completely objective and on your side.  As a coach, my focus is on your future and help you remove the things in your way.  I am not balancing the needs of the organization or leaders with supporting you. I am completely in your corner.


What I believe is that all the self-knowledge you need to create the life you want in the way that is best for you is held by you.  Not by me or anyone else.  I have tools to help you unlock what’s right for you, but I don't have the answers.  You get to be your truest version of yourself.


As far as finding tools on the web.  Sure you can! You’ll find different approaches and tools and lot’s of opinions. The Thriving@Work Program tools are curated and specifically designed for this program.  All are backed by decades of research and data on successful outcomes. 


Coaching is a partnership where both parties put forth their "best effort".  On my part, that is being 100% present, honest, compassionate, and ethical.  This is a packaged program, and it will not be modified for the Class or Independent Program. Other tools will be used in coaching sessions in the Individualized Program. Coaching sessions with any of the program choices are guided by you.


You in turn put forth your best effort by attending all sessions, working through exercises and coming prepared to each session with an openness and willingness to try different tools and techniques that support discovery and well-being and to share what you’re learning.

I cannot guarantee job satisfaction, but I can offer a satisfaction guarantee for the Group and Individualized Programs.  If you are not satisfied with the program, we will discuss ending our time together early, with a pro-rated refund.  Refunds will not be considered for more than 40% of the total program cost.

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