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You, Rediscovered

Ready to break free from your inner critic and reclaim your confidence so you can embrace your best-self personally and professionally?

We Both know success doesn't always lead to confidence and fulfillment.
Perhaps You
  • Are "successful" at work, but deep down you can't help but fear that the truth will come out and you will be found out to be a fraud.​

  • Appear "confident," yet you tend to be guided by your fear of failure rather than self-assurance.  

Woman in contemplation
  • "Figured it out," but are missing a sense of fulfillment.  You know you're just stuck living in your comfort zone, afraid of the failure you'll experience if you step into the unknown.

Woman looking pensive
  • Go "above and beyond," when in reality, you're constantly overextending yourself, stuck in an endless cycle of needing to do more because what you're doing isn't enough.​​

  • "Have it all," however you constantly worry that it could be taken away at any moment when everyone realizes you're not actually deserving of your success.

Woman considering something
Sound relatable?

You are likely living with an overactive inner critic.

But don't worry.  You've come to the right place.

Maybe you've tried to rid yourself of these feelings on your own. . . 

Yet these feelings of worry, fear, and self-doubt keep coming back with a vengeance.  

Know this:  the inner critic does not like to be silenced.  It can even lay dormant for a while and suddenly, when you least expect it, it makes a grand entrance.  Suddenly, you are faced with the same nagging and overwhelming fears.

You are far from alone, my friend.

In fact, I've been there too.  But I've also experienced the liberation of living a life free from the restraint of my inner critic.  I've learned to calm that voice and confidently step into embracing my best self. 

I've since set out on a mission to help others learn how to manage those thoughts and crippling worries so they too can step into their best self with confidence.

Introducing You, Rediscovered

A 3-part program designed to guide you through getting reacquainted with yourself and learning how to calm your over-active inner critic so you can finally and fully embrace your best self.

"Treat Yourself to the gift of working with her." (Jules, R. Client)

"Linda is intuative, articulate and curious.  I come away from sessions felling uplifted as though my goals are possible.  She's helped me to quash blocks and find pathways to my most longed-for goals. . . " (Heather Williams, client) 

Imagine how it would feel if you:
Woman looking fulfilled and happy
  • Left the endless cycle of fear and self-doubt behind and fully embraced the beautiful, confident person you are.

  • Showed up with confidence, believing in the value you bring to any situation and knowing that you are worthy of being in the rooms.

  • Entered the unknown with the excitement of all there is to gain rather than the fear of what you do not know.

  • Let go of the nagging need to be "perfect," understanding the value you already bring when you show up as your best self.

  • Stopped second-guessing every decision and interaction you made, constantly worrying about what you did wrong.

Can you feel the burden of worry, fear, and self-doubt melting away?

People don't talk about having someone in their corner as the secret ingredient to lasting change, but it often is.

"Linda is objective and warm . . . She listens deeply and challenges me, in a good way!  Through our work together, I now see my strengths and can recognize my achievements.  I feel a growing sense of freedom and confidence with every step." (Joy Gnafakis, client)

"From our first meeting, Linda was easy to talk to. I was able to open up and feel comfortable. . . she listens without any judgment.   She asks tough questions and supports me as I do the work to find the answers that are authentically mine.  Her insight and guidance have helped me embrace the freedom to become who I was meant to be."  (Justine Lizarraga, client).

“I was stuck. My career and my life were stalled.  Through my work with Linda, I was able to see myself differently. I came to realize that the perceptions I had about myself were holding me back. She helped me to balance my work and my life, and as a result, my career has taken off.  Things in life that seemed like impossibilities are coming to fruition.  (Stephanie Ngo, client)

Hi.  I'm Linda

I'm a purpose and leadership coach who helps people live a life free from feeling like they just aren't enough.

You see, I, too, once carried around a hyperactive inner critic.  In fact, I carried her around for most of my life.

Ironically, the more I tried to fight her, the louder the voice of self-doubt and criticism grew, seeping into all aspects of my life.  It was like I couldn't escape.

The truth is it wasn't that I couldn't escape her.  It was just that I didn't know how.  Once I did, it was like everything changed.

Coach Linda Rhoads

As for my inner critic?  She's still there but she no longer controls me. 

I've learned how to take the power back and calm that inner critic.  As a result I as able to redesign my life and see myself in a new light.  Instead of letting vulnerability control me or living in fear of failure, I'm able to embrace the journey of simply living.  And my hope is that you can discover a similar sense of confidence, liberation and self-love, too.

With You, Rediscovered, I'm confident you can.

It's Your Turn to Experience the Shift of Living without an Overactive Inner Critic

For many with overactive inner critics, the idea of living or working without it is incomprehensible.

Living without an inner critic may seem impossible, or like a dream of a far-way place, that may or may not be real.  However, a life without constnat internal criticism is possible.

A lot can happen when you start to calm your inner critic . . .

  • You'll see yourself differently.  The simple act of calming your inner critic is immensely courageous and creates a foundation for continual growth.

  • You’ll start to feel less alone. You’ll begin to see those around you differently, embracing opportunities for collaboration and connection.  


  • You'll find an inner sense of calmness and self-assuredness. These feelings will continue to grow as your inner critic is tamed.


  • You'll try new things.  Heck, you might even go to that far-away place you've always dreamed of seeing, or try that thing you've always wanted to try, but that part of you held you back.

You Rediscovered program journey

The Journey to
You, Rediscovered

How will the journey unfold for you?

The You, Rediscovered journey is broken into three key phases.  You can embrace the journey one phase at a time, or fully commit to the three-part program all at once.  Learn more about each phase below to better determine the right approach for you.

You Rediscovered Imagine program icon


IMAGINE is all about discovery—getting reacquainted with yourself and learning how to change your relationship with your inner critic. This is where you’ll learn to calm your inner critic, create awareness of all you offer, and build a vision of what your life could be with a tamed inner critic.


You’ll develop comfort with the best in you. As you get to know yourself in new ways, you’ll open more pathways for thinking about your future—without your inner critic, of course. 

You Rediscovered Become program icon


BECOME is where you’ll start activating your confidence and try on new ways of being without the burden of an overactive inner critic.  


With the good practices from IMAGINE in place, you’ll start the process of managing your inner critic. Using your vision for the future and we’ll do some work to make it tangible and real. You’ll also create a deeper awareness of your inner critic and learn how to calm and soothe those thoughts when they start.

You Rediscovered Revel program icon


REVEAL is where you’ll integrate the new insights you’ve gained in IMAGINE and BECOME, turning your vision into reality. This is where you’ll start to embrace your best self, understanding how to deal with your inner critic when it tries to show up again. 


Adjusting to your new normal free of the inner critic can feel odd at first. That’s why these sessions help you to integrate and celebrate the changes you’ve made. This pacing of the journey is highly personalized, and we’ll work together to set up a schedule that best meets your needs as you adjust to your newfound freedom.



  • 5 week program

  • 5x 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Continued communication between sessions, as needed

  • A dedicated workbook specifically designed for the beginning of your journey with activities and techniques and a place to keep track of your notes, reflections, questions, ideas, and overall progress


  • 7 week program

  • 7 x 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Continued communication between sessions, as needed

  • A dedicated workbook to guide you through this phase of your journey, with activities and techniques designed for your unique needs. Plus a place to keep track of your notes, reflections, questions, ideas, and overall progress. 


  • As many as 3 months to access

  • 3x 1:1 coaching sessions, scheduled based on your individual journey 

  • Continued communication between sessions, as needed

  • Exercises and techniques as needed.

What to Expect

You’ll receive weekly exercises and tools to help you gain more awareness of yourself, and the things you’d like to bring into your life.  You’ll also learn where the inner critic is standing in your way and how to manage the messages you receive about what’s right or wrong for you. 


The best part? You don’t have to navigate this journey alone. 


I’ll be there with you to support the amazing discoveries you’ll make about yourself. Our work together will further enrich your self-understanding and allow for change and growth to become a new way of being, replacing old thoughts and patterns.

Wouldn't It be Great to Tame Your Inner Critic?


Due to the intimate nature of this program, limited spaces are available. 


Here’s What You Get When You Join The Journey to You, Rediscovered: 

  • A weekly exercise to set the stage for coaching sessions

  • Tips and techniques for calming your inner critic as needed, customized for you

  • 1-on-1 weekly coaching sessions to expand your discoveries and weave them into lasting change

  • Reflection prompts following your coaching sessions to help you capture and carry forward what you’ve learned and integrate it into your life

  • Email and phone check-ins between sessions as needed

  • Access to Soul Spot workshops designed to support your growth during the program and keep you on track after you’ve finished




All Three Phases:  Imagine, Become and Reveal

Sign-up NOW  for the full program for $3995 as part of our program launch

and save over $1,000 on your journey!

Investmnt link within page


Sign up for each phase individually
You rediscovered icon imagine2


$2,095 - 5 weeks


Take advantage of Launch discount pricing $1395

you rediscovered icon become2

$3097 - 7 weeks

Ask me about the launch discount available when you sign up during the IMAGINE phase.

you rediscovered icon reveal2



3 sessions - as needed over three months


 IMAGINE is the starting point for the program. If you haven't completed IMAGINE, let's talk.  Click this link and we'll find a time to talk about your goals.  

Each phase includes individualized exercises to meet your needs, one-on-one coaching, session notes, free-workshops, check-ins and more!

Still feeling a Bit on the Fence?

(Chances are it's your inner critic talking.)

If you are still not quite sure that this is the program for you, let's connect.  I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about the program and help you to determine if this is a program that it's right for you, just follow the learn more link below to schedule a time to talk.

Whole Person Coach Badge
ICF Professional Level Certification Badge


Coaching is a partnership where both parties put forth their "best effort".  On my part, that is being 100% present, honest, compassionate, and ethical.  I will also modify the program to meet your specific needs and goals. 


You in turn put forth your best effort by attending all sessions, working through exercises and homework, and coming prepared each week with an openness and willingness to try different tools and techniques that support discovery and well-being and to share what you’re learning.

I will regularly check in with you to get a sense of how you feel you are progressing and your satisfaction with the program and make changes as needed.  I cannot guarantee transformation, but I can offer a satisfaction guarantee. If after the 8th session, you are not satisfied with the program, we will discuss ending our time together early, with a pro-rated refund.  Refunds will not be considered for more than 40% of the total program cost.

We will create a contract in our discovery session together and talk through the guarantee, refunds, and expectations.


Got questions? I know investing in yourself can be a challenge and you deserve to be as confident in your decision to join me in You, Rediscovered as I am.


Take a look at these most frequently asked questions, and if you have more, don’t hesitate to reach out to, or call me at 408-357-4662.  Just leave a message and let me know a good time to reach you (and your timezone), and we will connect!  ~ Linda


Q. How Long is the Program?

A.  IMAGINE is 6 weeks with 5 coaching sessions.  BECOME  is 8 weeks with 6  sessions, and REVEL is 4 sessions, paced to meet your individual needs.


Q.  This sounds like a long time.   Why so long?

A.  16 weeks does sounds like a long time! However, based on experience, a longer, focused process creates the momentum needed for sustainable change.  One way to think about it is this:  it took a long time for your inner critic to gain strength.  It takes time to tame it. And it takes time to learn to live without the micro management of your inner critic and to rediscover you.

Q. Is this a group program, or will I receive individual coaching?

A.  This is not a group program.  There are limits on the number of people I enroll at once to work on this particular program simply because it is highly individualized and I want to have the capacity to address different needs.  But if I find a common challenge, I may invite you to a group session as a bonus.

Q.  What will I be doing during this time?

A.  Transformation takes place when you are willing to take the time and create the space in your life to make a change.  In many ways, you'll be creating this as a temporary priority in your life. (I'm a pretty realistic person though and understand that you will have conflicting demands.)  You'll be asked to take the time to clean out your inner closets and figure out what no longer is useful. You’ll have weekly exercises, and you’ll be encouraged to keep up or start journaling, do some mindfulness and self-care practices in addition to tending to any homework we agree to in our sessions.

Q. What will we cover during our coaching conversations?

A.  When we first start out we'll work with some tools to increase your awareness of your strengths.  As we're looking at these elements, beliefs that you hold may naturally come up in our conversation.  We'll gently explore those, and you'll get to decide where you want to take our conversations.  I'll provide suggestions, and options, but ultimately, you choose where we take or don't take our conversation.

Q.  Is there a process?  Is there structure and flow?

A.  Yes, absolutely!  This is for your benefit and mine. We will regularly look at the structure and make sure it is meeting your needs.  If it's not, I'll offer other options, and you get to choose what you feel would be most beneficial for you.  Think of it this way.  There is a map, but you are in the driver's seat.

Q.  What am I paying for?

A.  A method for creating life transformation and a skilled guide to help you find your path forward.

Q. Why do I need a coach?  Why can't I just go to my friends and family?

A.  Coaches are completely objective and on your side.  As a coach, my focus is on your future and help you remove the things in your way. Your friends and family may use the context of your past; your “mistakes” and missteps as proof you should move in one direction or another. I look at you with a clean slate.

What I believe is that all the self-knowledge you need to create the life you want in the way that is best for you is held by you.  Not by me or anyone else.  I have tools to help you find what's right for you, but I don't have the answers or even opinions.  You get to be your truest version of yourself.


If your family and friends can offer you this complete objectivity and trust,  you should seriously consider working with them.

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