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Congratulations!  You've taken the first step toward 

Your tips are broken into Basic, Step-up, and Advanced tips.  If you've signed up for more information, don't forget to check out the emails you're getting from me (, they include additional tips, info, and ideas.

If you're ready to move beyond self-care and learn what it takes to have a more satisfying and fulfilling work life, check out the Thriving@Work program, here at The Soul Spot.

Basic Self Care Tips

These are the practices that help you make it through the day. Even if you already occasionally remember to drink water, take breaks or shush your chattery, worried mind, these tips may help make them a regular part of your day.

Tip 1:  Take A Break.

Tip 3:  Have a Drink

Tip 2:  Get Clear

Tip 4:  Eat Something 

Want to Learn More?  Let's talk.  (It's a free, no-obligation, conversation.)

Step-Up Self-Care Tips

Consider  an intermediate level of self-care.  They may take a little more practice to get comfortable integrating them into your day.

Tip 5: Connect with Others 

Tip 6:  A look at the small stuff

Tip 7:  Get Clear to Super-Charge

Take Your Self-Care to the Next Level and Start Thriving@Work!

Advanced Self-Care Tips

Implementing any or all of these tips can make a difference in your work life. Advanced tips take a more work to implement for most people and support can make a difference.

The Thriving@Work program offers just the support you need.  With three pathways to choose from you will learn more about what you need to have a truly fulfilling work life and the support you need to start make it happen.

Tip 8: Radical Recovery

Tip 9:  Manage Workload 🙄

Tip 10:  It's Hard, but it's the Best!

For additional tips on how to manage stress at work, see our Blog.  It's filled with information about stress, burnout, boundaries and more.

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