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Coaching and Spring Cleaning for Your Mind

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Have you ever (secretly or maybe not so much) rolled your eyes when people have talked about coaching or the latest session with their coach? Yeah, we know. We’ve seen the endless sitcom episodes, and the movie Little Miss Sunshine. Coaches are always shallow cheerleaders ready with inspirational nonsense quips.

May I suggest that’s a little harsh? Or wildly inaccurate? Or just plain wrong?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding of what coaching actually is for a few good reasons:

1. The industry is relatively new, and in many ways, unregulated.

While there are some great organizations with certification programs for coaches, there’s officially nothing stopping anyone from hanging a shingle with “COACH” written on it in crayon. That makes some people uncomfortable with the idea of professional coaches, and undermines the profession as a whole.

2. Coaching is layered with so many different backgrounds and skill sets

Most coaches didn’t start out as coaches, but picked it up well into their non-coaching-related careers. So coaching practices often look like coaching plus something else, and with no two coaches alike and so much overlap over so many things, it’s hard to see what coaching really is.

And here’s what coaching really isn’t: therapy, consulting, or mentoring.

Coaching is a partnership between a coach and coachee where the coach makes space for the coachee to discover inner strengths and cultivate positive emotions, helping the coachee to see themselves differently, supporting them to achieve their goals.

Coaching is about asking questions and working with a coachee to devise strategies and plans that are realistic and attainable, and based on the coachee's goals. Life Coaches do not prescribe solutions based on a client’s perceived problems, but support clients as they consider their options and help them move past things that stand in their way. The goal is for the client, ultimately, to recognize and to feel they are empowered to make their own decisions, working off the solid foundation of strength and self-trust built in partnership with the coach.

Coaching helps untangle your thoughts and reorganize them so you can face the future clear-eyed and clear-headed.

Coaching helps to untangle your thoughts and reorganize them so you can face the future clear-eyed and clear-headed. After this last couple of years, everyone’s thoughts need not just untangling, but deep-conditioning and a mint-scented leave-in. Coaching is spring cleaning for your brain after the longest imaginable winter.

This is also a chance to fully discuss your own life and hopes and fears to someone outside your home and your family and sphere of concern. This is an uninhibited, uncensored time for you and you alone. How wonderful would it feel to get clarity again?

Join us at Soul’s Renewal 2021 for movement, meditation, mindfulness, the discovery of the new and better you.



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