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Real Life Work Life Balance examples

Imagine Your Possibilities through real-life examples of work life balance.

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Let's admit it; nothing speaks louder than action. So today, we'll be sharing work life balance examples of how folks, just like you and me, navigate the choppy waters of work-life balance and integration.

The Tech Guy - Work and Family Integration

Meet Alan, a software engineer at a tech company. Working in an industry known for its demanding pace, Alan initially jumped into his work. He loves what he does, but over time he found his stress levels rising and knew he had to find a new approach. Through trial and error, he's found his unique rhythm by integrating his work into his daily life. Alan begins his day with a morning run and family breakfast, after which he delves into his most demanding work tasks. In the afternoon, he takes a break to help his kids with their homework (and when he works from the office, he video chats with them.) He finishes up his day with a final work sprint in the late evening. Thanks to a flexible work environment, Alan has found a seamless blend of work and life that suits him and his family. Alan’s strengths are flexibility, and an understanding of his priorities: health, family, work.

The Small Business Owner - Holding Firm With Clear Boundaries

Julia, a small business owner, has taken a different approach. Because she is at the center of her business, she has found that maintaining a strict separation between work and personal life works best for her. Her days are divided into distinct blocks of work time, family time, and personal time. Julia believes that this clear demarcation helps her stay focused and prevents burnout. She makes it a point to disconnect from work after 6 PM and over the weekend, ensuring quality time with her family and for her hobbies. Julia is leveraging her high degree of discipline to carve out the time she needs to give focus, love and thoughtfulness to what she does, whether it’s in her business or at home.

The Freelancer: Managing Balance through Energy Ebbs and Flows

Then there's Ravi, a freelance graphic designer who embodies work-life integration. His work and life flow into each other. Before becoming a freelancer, he struggled with keeping a steady flow of energy during his work day. Now, he schedules his work around his natural energy rhythms, opting for creative work during his most productive hours and administrative tasks during his energy lulls. He often takes breaks during the day to meditate, cook, or catch up with friends and then might work later into the evening. Ravi has the ability to understand his energy flow. Leveraging it when it’s naturally at it's highest, re-charging by doing things he enjoys when it starts to ebb.

The Corporate Leader: Balance Under Pressure

Finally, meet Sarah from the C-Suite. She follows a disciplined routine where her mornings are dedicated to fitness and mental well-being. She runs and meditates before her family wakes. Her workday begins strictly at 9 AM. Even in her demanding role, she ensures that her evenings are kept free for things that are important to her: family, reading, and good food, all of which recharge her. She often scans and responds to emails in the late evening, but does not engage unless it’s urgent until 9 AM the next day. Sarah's approach is a testament to maintaining a balance in a high-pressure environment.

These are just a few examples of how people from different walks of life navigate their work-life dynamics. Whether Alan's integration approach or Julia's balanced separation, seems like something that might work for you, remember there is no right or wrong way. It's about finding the rhythm that works best for you, keeping your well-being and happiness at the forefront.

In our next post we'll look at the Mind-Body connection to work life balance.

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