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The whole Person approach to Work Life Balance

it's time to invite a fresh perspective to consider– the 'whole person' approach to work life balance.

graphic of a woman and the different aspects of her life surrounding her..

For those who just had a "whole-what-now?" moment, don't worry; you're not alone.

So, how does this relate to work-life integration, you might ask? Brilliant question! Let's break it down.

The 'whole person' approach is all about recognizing that we are not merely 'workers' or 'family members,' 'friends,' or 'yoga-enthusiast’. We are all of these roles and more, beautifully intertwined into a single, multifaceted individual: You.

Understanding that we are more than just our job titles or any other label we hold in life is the first step to integrating all the different elements that make us who we are. Leading to a more holistic sense of self and improved well-being.

A whole-person approach is firmly rooted in fostering resilience, cultivating a full emotional range, leveraging our strengths, and bolstering our overall well-being. This helps us to perform optimally across all of our various life domains.

A whole person approach encourages us to view work-life balance not merely as a practical challenge but also as an opportunity to integrate the compartments of our lives. Enriching our lives, enhancing our satisfaction, and fueling personal growth. Helping us to thrive both at work and in life.

Think about it. When we focus on our strengths, we can leverage these in our work, potentially making us more effective and satisfied in our roles. We can apply them to our lives too. Likewise, cultivating a positive mindset can influence how we perceive and handle stressful times at work (and in life).

By integrating work and life through the lens of the 'whole person' approach, we can develop a more holistic, healthier approach to work-life dynamics. It mutes the stress associated with juggling multiple roles while promoting our personal sense of our worth and value.

In our next blog post, keep this 'whole person' approach in mind as we look at examples of integration and balance. Observe how individuals leverage their strengths, foster positivity, and embrace their multifaceted roles to craft their unique work-life dynamic.

Remember you are not a jigsaw puzzle with separate pieces for work and life. You are a spectacular mosaic of experiences, roles, and strengths. Activating this mosaic is key in your journey towards a more integrated work-life dynamic and a balanced life.

Interested in knowing more about how you can activate the concept of a whole person approach beyond your work-life? Join us at our upcoming class: Blueprint for Your Future.

In our next post, we’ll share examples of different ways people have found a work life integration that, well, works for them.

Until then, if you’d like more information on thriving at work and in life, book a free consultation. It’s a 30-minute conversation to find out more without any obligation.



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