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What is Your Success Factor?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

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The term Success factor means different things to different people, but regardless of the definition, there's one common denominator in your success Factor – you.

What's Yours?

Your success factor is the particular combination of skills, knowledge, and experience that makes you unique and sets you apart from others when it comes to getting things done. It's the thing that allows you to succeed where others may not. Anything from an innate drive, independence, or even curiosity could make you stand out and enable you to achieve your goals.

"Your success factor is your unique superpower."

I believe your success factor is your unique superpower. It helps you to achieve great things and to feel a sense of pride. Many assessment tools are available to evaluate the strengths that you bring to the table and allow you to leverage these characteristics. Using your strengths can lead to a sense of fulfillment in what you do.

When working with clients I regularly use the Virtues in Action (VIA), Clifton Strength Finder and the KOLBE A Index.

How Can You Use Your Success Factor?

Once you have identified your success factor, the next step is to use it effectively. This means focusing on bringing forward those specific skills or attributes and recognizing and managing their overuse.

Understanding when you are overusing your skills is critical. This is the zone where that superpower becomes more like a shady character.

Be aware of when that strength is in overuse. It starts to become more like a shady character."

Most assessments share information about the overuse of your innate strengths and advise you on what others with different strengths may need from you or suggest areas where you should seek support from others in order to balance out your attributes.

It’s helpful information that supports your success. Plus, partnering with others and learning to leverage one another's best can be an excellent tool for your professional and personal life.

As a coach, I become curious when clients hesitate to temper their strengths by seeking support from others or when they struggle to recognize their accomplishments.

It can indicate a darker side to their success factor and may even point to imposter syndrome or an overactive inner critic. Two common attributes of successful people that undermine their sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Your success factor is a powerful tool that can help propel you toward success in both professional and personal settings.

By taking the time to identify what makes you unique and honing and tempering those traits accordingly, not only will you experience deeper satisfaction in what you do, but you also may inspire those around you.

To start:

  1. Assess what sets you apart from everyone else.

  2. Focus on when you are activating your success factor and when it slips into the shadow.

  3. Explore why you slip into the overuse or shadow side of your greatness. Simply bringing this awareness can allow you to move to the next step.

  4. Celebrate your accomplishments and success with greater ease.

Whether in a professional setting or your personal life, understanding your success factor is often vital to achieving and experiencing a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

To learn more about your success factor take the What's Your Success Factor? quiz.



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